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Pastor Joel L. Rissinger

Pastor Joel L. Rissinger, MRE and his wife Karen have been married for more than 35 years and have two adult children, a marvelous son-in-law, and two gorgeous granddaughters. Pastor Joel is the Executive Pastor of LifeWay Church (formerly Mill Pond Church, where he served as lead pastor for eleven years). He is an ordained minister in Converge USA, (Baptist General Conference). His preaching style is exegetical and he loves to take deep truths from God's Word and give powerful, practical applications that are clear and easy to implement.

Pastor Joel has been in fulltime ministry since 1992. In this capacity, he has led several congregations through major transitions prior to planting Mill Pond Church. He and his wife Karen, a School Psychologist have helped hundreds of couples through counseling, their popular “Marriage Time-Out” retreats, Iron Sharpens Iron Seminars, and other public ministry. “PJ” as he’s often called, is also a speaker, teacher, and coach for several organizations and loves to serve in this capacity. He is a certified speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Group. In addition to preaching, Joel enjoys speaking in multiple venues. This includes acting as a presenter for the “Perspectives” Missions course, and as a seminar presenter for Life Innovations, Inc., and their popular Prepare-Enrich marriage counseling program. 

In addition to his pastoral and speaking duties, Pastor Joel is the President for Corporate Chaplaincy Services, CCS, part of the Rissinger Resource Group LLC and as a Hospice Chaplain for Beacon Hospice, an Amedisys Co. In this role, he serves patients, staff, and families throughout Central New England. His chaplaincy and leadership experience includes work with companies in the medical, transportation, food supply, and aerospace industries.

Joel has a BA in theology from Ambassador University, as well as MAs in both religion and religious education from Liberty University. Pastor Joel has written seven books. In 2012, he wrote The Crucified Church, a book that shares lessons from his church planting experiences in New England. He focuses on how to renew impotent, biblically deprived churches into spiritual active, Christ-centered churches. In 2015, he released The Crucified Couple, a book that seeks to improve relationships. Instead of seeking how to get what we need from our partner, The Crucified Couple challenges readers to “sacrifice for success.” The goal is to learn to give and to trust God to give us more than what we need. Other books include, Communicate to Lead, Whole 4 Life, and Champion That Change! More information on these materials can be found at www.rissingerrg.com/resources.